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Daggi’s easter advice 02

Nowadays the way to the top may be gone in the Chinese Language, I guess. But it’s me,  Blinkfeuer,  known as the 1st Secretary of famous Daggi Dinkelschnitte, and I tell the truth: Never wrote more english words since the spring of 1975. But Daggi said: “ I can count  so many readers on the blog, like there are fingers on the saw mills worker’s left hand. Time for a cool change!“ No problem, I will try the british sense of humor. In case the Kingdom has to pay a pretty high fine on the  „Deep water Horizon“-  carribean  desaster  so they decided to go down to fight for the „Falkland’s“ / Malwinas again. Oil. oil. oil again. I think, it’s such a great idea. Because there will be a need to take english mind off things, will be happen at the EURO 2012, a penalty- kick off against the Krauts, hihi.

But tonight you can kick off your sorrows, Daggi has a Easter message for you:

click the message now!

That’s it, folks. Understand a little bit more than chinese? Let me know.



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Sucht & Suche im Oktober

Ha, das wird ein Link- Feuerwerk!

Sehr scheu war man aktuell! Das muss wieder besser werden!

1. Die Liste

2. GIF Ente


4. Urlaubssimulatorabstimmungserwartungsmaschinchen  

5. So, alle glücklich geworden? Dann sagt es dem Happy- Meter.

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All you need is…


sagen die Einen,

doch Daggi sagt:

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